“Oronero, the Universal Village of Volcanic soil
as a meeting place of Peoples and their Culture”

Who We Are

We are a national non-profit, democratic, cultural and social promotion association.
Oronero promotes cultural exchange between peoples for peaceful economic development, placing centrality on those who live in the volcanic areas of the planet.
It promotes the values, the particularities, the environmental richness of Volcanic Lands and Marine Volcanic areas, and more.
Starting from Vesuvius, it promotes the encounter with other peoples and all the possible relationships and forms of symbiosis that over time they have developed with the Volcano.
It promotes personal training initiatives on a voluntary basis, operates according to the principles of dialogue, sustainable growth, the exchange of good practices and scientific and technological innovation, sustainable tourism, the defense of primary rights and the promotion of peace, solidarity, the protection of the environment, the landscape and common goods, the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage, archaeological areas and historical and artistic heritage, biodiversity and the enhancement of food, typicality and food and wine, safety of people, works to spread its philosophy and promote its development.


Oronero promotes the creation and development of a network of relationships to give life to a universal village as a meeting place for cultures, debates, confrontation, creativity, cooperation, exchange, a space to celebrate the knowledge of men, the culture of peoples, their diversity. It promotes a dialogue on the environment, on agricultural solutions, on biodiversity and energy, on the conservation of seeds of endogenous species. It promotes conscious and sustainable tourism, cultural heritage, the circulation of people, travelers, the circulation of scientific and technological innovation, food and wine, architecture, urban planning, music, literature, theater, dance, sport, cinema, philosophy, painting, sculpture and any other form of art.


Oronero pursues everywhere and for everyone the right to a good life in an open, inclusive and sustainable dimension without distinction of sex, language, religion, political opinions, personal and social conditions. To this inviolable right he connects the duties of political, economic and social solidarity that allow the protection and defense of common goods, both tangible and intangible, for the purpose of their harmonious sharing. It defends cultural sovereignty in all its forms, roots, identity, traditions, the quality of food, craftsmanship, excellence, promoting the protection of biological diversity, respect for work, the environment and people linked to it, to affirm the value of history and all forms of territorial wealth.

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