A cultural event on the food and wine, the territories,
the “excellence” of the volcanic soil of our Country,
a place of encounter, exchange, and sharing.

Volcanism and food as a factor of sustainable economic development

A journey that starts from Campania (Vesuvio, Campi Flegrei, Bay of Islands, Roccamonfina), it crosses the whole of Italy, and reached the main geographical areas of the volcanic origin of the entire planet.

Cibo e valorizzazione del territorio attraverso il paesaggio, il sistema agro-ambientale delle colture tipiche, le eccellenze della fertilità vulcanica, la viticoltura, i frutteti, l’identità storico-culturale, le architetture rurali, le masserie, le ville, i sentieri, i segni territoriali delle antiche partizioni agrarie, l’artigianato tipico, l’archeologia, il termalismo, le aree vulcaniche sommerse, la blu economy.

A fascinating journey
“tasty” among the pleasures
the throat of the peoples of the
The mediterranean, and not only

The food is an expression  of life.

Each population is assigned their own meanings. The food is, above all, joy, sharing, culture, art. A trip to “tasty” accompanied by a short explanatory of the “vices” of cuisine and the “pleasures” of the throat of the peoples of the Mediterranean and not only. 

A reference point for discussing food as an expression of cultures, ways of living, of identity.

Food as a factor of sustainable economic development.

Food culture

A space in which to think, in a profound way, and light, of issues related to food quality and traceability, to their relationship with the territories, to the mode of production and sales, the relationship with the cycle of the seasons, to the respect of the environment and sustainability.

A way to help build a new awareness of the food culture.

A way to promote the agri-food excellence. A space where you can celebrate through food, the know-how of men, the culture of the peoples, their diversity.

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