BIE – Borsa Internazionale dell’Enoturismo

The edition 2021 proposes, for the first time in Italy, a section dedicated to the BIEInternational stock food and Wine

An opportunity for the territories and their tourism offer to meet, with spaces dedicated to operators in the wine tourism sector with exhibitions, conferences, debates, meetings with the press and initiatives dedicated to B2B (also online).
The choice of the Pietrarsa Museum is not accidental and beyond the historical importance, the extraordinary beauty of the location and its ability to host major events, it represents a symbolic place of the journey.
The train connects the entire national territory and promotes food and wine tourism in this place and discusses the restart of the Italian tourism system after the 
pandemic makes the message powerful and the action effective. 


As a part of the project HORIZON 2020 LANDSUPPORT, an innovative system has been developed to promote sustainable and quality viticulture and related wine tourism. It is an advanced geospatial web platform (GeoSpatial Cyberinfrastructure) designed to support the decisions of wine growers, companies and wine cooperatives in Campania but can be exported to other Italian regions.

The platform is freely accessible and free of charge and can be used not only in the context of sustainable agricultural planning and management, but also in the territorial one in the broadest sense.

Among the many tools available, the Viticulture tool is designed to assist winemakers, consortia and wine cooperatives in the management and planning of sustainable viticulture that is well suited to the potential of their specific territories, including in relation to soil conservation.

In fact, it is possible to trace any area of interest directly on the map and know it, in real time:

  • the environmental characteristics (such as geology, types of soil, climate, etc.) and viticultural zoning;
  • the values, and their spatial variability in every point of the territory that can be viewed directly on the map, of some bioclimatic indices bioclimatic indices important for the choice of grape varieties, for the production of quality wines, including the Winkler and Huglin indices, the length of the growing season and the Cool Night Index;
  • the potential risk of diseases (Downy mildew) calculated by using the index of Branas.
  • get support for plan get support for

Lo strumento è stato presentato nella cornice della terza edizione di ‘Eruzioni del Gusto’ nel settembre 2021 al Museo Nazionale Ferroviario di Pietrarsa.

European research project HORIZON 2020 LANDSUPPORT coordinated by Prof. Fabio Terrible of the CRISP Interdepartmental Center of the Federico II University of Naples.

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